The Library of the Maison des Planchettes

The Séminaire de Saint-Flour was founded by Bishop Jacques de Montrouge in 1651. Between 1752 and 1762, Mgr Paul de Ribeyre had the Grand Séminaire built, a vast building with a majestic facade, leaning against the southern flank of the medieval city of Saint-Flour. In 1840, Bishop de Marguerye had a wing built which would house the new “Grande Bibliothèque”. The works were carried out according to the plans of Arveuf, architect in Paris.

Heritage Foundation

The rehabilitation project includes three main axes: restoration of joinery and woodwork, installation of a heating and hygrometric control system in order to create the best conditions for saving books; development of the ground floor in order to centralize the diocesan archives and the library; opening to the public and creation of a reading room.